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We are here to help with all of your and your partner's needs. We specialize in relationship & intimacy coaching, workshops, consultations, retreats, and intensives. See more...


Trained in therapy, I chose to also offer coaching because the more I practiced and cultivated my approach, the more I realized and appreciated how important it is to provide clients with a space and the right types of questions... See more...


You’re here! I’m so glad you’re looking for the support that you need and taking this step on your journey to healing and wellness. You may be feeling curious, have certain desires and dreams for your relationship, or experiencing some shame or anxiety around your sexuality. I deeply believe that healing is the journey towards holism, and I am here to support you through your own journey of self-discovery, integration, and wellness. No matter where you are in the world, I am available for consultations and coaching sessions online.

Book a 20 minute call to connect with me and discuss your needs to see if this is the right fit for you.

Challenges, Questions, and Changes...

Many people go through challenges, questions, and changes in their sexual life and relationship, and might be feeling alone or ashamed. Maybe you are struggling with intercourse, desire, arousal, pleasure, pain, performance anxiety, or shame around sex. Or maybe you’ve been feeling disconnected from your partner, or are experiencing conflict or communication difficulties. You might not even be struggling, but just have certain desires you would like to nurture and a curiosity to explore different parts of yourself and your relationship. You absolutely deserve a healthy and fulfilling intimate life.

I offer a safe and collaborative space for you to develop greater self-awareness and learn how to use your strengths and resources to create the relationship and sexual life that you want. I offer consultations, coaching sessions, workshops, and couple’s retreats and intensives to individuals and couples wanting to deepen their connection and intimacy. I understand that seeking support and talking about sex takes a lot of courage, and so I aim to show up for our work as authentically, attentively, and empathetically as I can, while bringing my knowledge, experience, intuition, and some humor into our sessions, to guide you through your self-exploration and self-healing process.

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